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TTI SI is powered by its THREE DECADES of research, conducted by Target Training International, Ltd. 

TTI has been researching, testing and developing thought leadership in the realms of human behavior, skills and competencies, motivation, emotional intelligence (EQ), workforce performance, and sales since 1984. 

This research helped give birth to the assessment industry and has laid the foundations for companies like eHarmony®.

We embrace a philosophy that measures both the presence and absence of behavior.

With a data pool of millions of individuals collected over several decades, the research team leverages four patents, state-of-the-art technology and more than 90 years of collective business, academic and neurological experience to shape our findings in five sciences. Our fully equipped Center for Applied Cognitive Research, in partnership with BrainMaster Technologies, allows us to continue research, validating assessments with brain activity.

We rely on data norming, Cronbach’s alpha, structured equation modeling, sampling and rigorous data analysis, test, retest, pilot studies to maintain the highest standards of research integrity. 

Our patents prove the accuracy of our assessments.

TTI SI is proud to have been awarded four U.S. patents that illustrate our commitment to innovation and research in the realm of the Science of Self™. Our patents support and shape our assessments in the five sciences. This commitment to research innovation also builds and enhances the reliability and validity of our assessments — and increases our ability to touch people's lives and enhance careers, while improving the productivity and performance of organizations.

In July 2015, TTI SI secured its fourth U.S. patent, showcasing what people say about themselves when taking assessments is consistent with their brain's response, as seen in electroencephalography (EEG) scans.

Our research findings have been published and cited in peer reviewed journals and publications, including:

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