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Discover why over 100,000 companies worldwide revolutionize their work cultures with TTI SI assessments

Used by People-first Companies

When companies need to hire people who will exceed performance standards, they rely upon TTI SI assessments and our network of over 7,000 associates worldwide to deliver.

When CEOs and CHROs need to build a bridge to attract and develop the best talent, they use TTI SI assessments to connect and understand the people who sit on the other side of the desk.

Using TTI SI assessments puts you in the best position to serve your clients and win the big deals with our research-based validity, pinpoint accuracy and global reach.

The business you crave, the people who inspire you and the teams you want to build will ALL be fueled through the talent in your business. Register now for TTISICON!

Your Key to Unlock the Science of Self®

You have unique talents and skills in which you are often unaware. You can reveal and harness those talents using the Science of Self.

When you use our assessments, you uncover the how, what and why of human interaction. You measure behavior, motivators/driving forces, emotional intelligence (EQ), acumen and skills to quantitatively reveal the whole person.

Then you translate your knowledge to others in real and powerful ways.

Our pursuit of the Science of Self has made us both a pioneer and a trailblazer in the assessment industry for over 30 years.

Experience the Science of Self®

The Science of Self is best demonstrated by an assessment that will unveil how you behave and what drives you.

Research Beyond Statistics

The popularity of assessments has increased in recent years. Luckily for our TTI SI associates we’ve been researching and validating our assessments with data norming and rigorous data analysis for over three decades.


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