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“We highly recommend using TTI SI assessments. Our clients are always amazed when they read their reports. They ask us, ‘How did you know all this about me?'”

–Isabel Jackson
CFO and Vice President, The Essex Group

Tangible Results

Over thirty years, we’ve helped more than 100,000 companies improve the lives and productivity of their employees, organizations and management teams.

These results are real, impactful and powerful.

After working with a Value Added Associates and using TTI SI assessments, businesses and individuals experience:

  • Better communication
  • Hiring accuracy; elimination of bad hires
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Better workplace engagement
  • Better job fit
  • Increased sales training and effectiveness
  • Improved management effectiveness
  • Effective development of high potential employees
  • Reduction of destructive stress

Our Data Goes DEEP

Using predictive analytics, our assessments provide data to help our customers understand themselves, their teams and then to perform at optimal levels. The data is customized to your company, to your people and tells the story of your unique culture.

Individualized and custom group reports provide deep insight into the people who make up your organization.

It’s information that scientifically reveals potential and transforms it to performance.

Over thirty years, we’ve helped more than 100,000 companies improve the lives and productivity of their employees, organizations and management teams.

“Utilizing TriMetrix® HD helps us deal with the differences in how people communicate with each other. It brings out the blind spots people have … allowing them to solve communication issues with other team members. It’s really made a big difference in our team and solved historic challenges. We not only use it for our hiring process, but we also utilize it in our existing management team.”

–Marty Smith, President + CEO of Alarm Tech Solutions

“I think the most valuable piece [of TTI SI’s Talent Insights® and EQ assessments] for us was better understanding the unique characteristics of our colleagues and managers, and why they approach their work in the manner in which they do. It has helped make dramatic improvements in having employees better excel and understand one another.”

–Caitlyn Fitzgerald, Director of Sales, TrackMaven

“I identified some major gaps within my team, and without assessments, I never would’ve been able to pull off this reorganization. It’s rewarding to place people in jobs that really match their core talents.”

–Tess, Senior Manager of Information Development at a Silicon Valley hi-tech company

“The TTI SI assessment results really validate and put in black and white employees’ strengths and areas for improvement. This is a valuable tool all companies can benefit from. It’s that powerful.”

–Wade Johnson, CEO of Valor Health

“EQ has left a permanent impact because the results provide customized solutions.”

–D.C. Coston, Dickinson State University President

“TTI SI’s assessments were one of the spokes on the wheel that helped limit turnover.”

–Jeff Huffman, Executive Director of HR and Training, A Wireless

Experience the Science of Self®

The Science of Self is best demonstrated by an assessment that will unveil how you behave and what drives you.