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Controlling Emotions in the Workplace — The Impact on Your Bottom Line

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation of sound decision making which is at the core of consistently high performance. Studies on the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace emphasize that organizations with higher levels of emotional intelligence reap benefits in productivity and success; therefore forward thinkers continue to mine it for business tools that lead to superior performance. Business leaders who use Emotional Quotient expertise to build an emotionally intelligent culture do gain a competitive edge for their organization in the marketplace.

The emotional climate of a workplace either supports or deteriorates performance. Ignoring this layer of workforce reality is perilous because when emotional intelligence is low, it can result in very negative consequences to the organization’s bottom line.

Many of the ways that low emotional intelligence affect a business are obvious, such as having managers’ time and energy diverted to dealing with emotion-driven conflict among team members.

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TTI SI’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment measures the emotional climate to address potential negative consequences to the organization’s bottom line.