Jill Heberling

Jill Heberling

Training and Certifications
Employee since 2007

Lansing, Michigan

One Interesting Fact About Me:
As a volunteer, I have raised baby animals from gorillas, elephants, and orangutans to cheetahs, tigers and snow leopards for Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo.

Things I Love to Do When I’m Not at Work:
I love to read and also volunteer at the Mayo Clinic in the Critical Care Unit.

Primary Driving Force:

How Does My Role Help Reveal Human Potential:
By certifying our Value Added Associates in the five sciences we offer through tests, I help them develop confidence and expertise in consulting with their clients to reveal the clients’ human potential.  All test takers receive feedback regarding any missed questions, providing Value Added Associates with an optimal understanding of the sciences they use to work with their clients.

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