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ROI: Big Results in a Small Growth Economy

Return on investment is more important than ever. Every dollar counts as employers require that investments in talent pay off in performance improvements that will propel growth.

After picking up the additional workload as staffs shrunk, employers and managers alike are concerned with how their own performance will be affected when they take time from daily activities for assessment surveys, to participate in professional development and on job benchmarking task forces. A frontline or mid-level manager may legitimately wonder, “How is this going to affect my workload?” ROI of time spent has become as vital a measure as ROI on dollars invested.

This white paper uses several examples from businesses small and large, for profit and nonprofit, to show the savings in time, energy and resources that are available when an organization invests wisely in research validated, proven technologies for benchmarking jobs, hiring and developing superior performers.


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Discover how one investment yielded a large ROI by organizations who invested in TTI SI’s proven assessments.