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Understanding Entrepreneurs is Key to Business Prosperity

How useful would it be to identify people who become problem-solvers within your business? To identify people who will power economic change through their vision and creative ideas? They’re called entrepreneurs, but not all of them are created the same. Through research, we’re beginning to know more and more about them, becoming better equipped to harness their unique brand of business acumen. 

For businesses developing new products, increasing efficiency or restarting growth, the ability to identify entrepreneurs is extremely valuable. It empowers organizations and leaders to more effectively manage their workforce and reduce the chances star performers become disengaged and flee, taking their new ideas with them.

Entrepreneurs also power the economy. According to a Kaufman Foundation, U.S. startups create an average of three million new jobs annually, and young firms one to five years old account for two-thirds of job creation. Startups and entrepreneurial businesses are significant engines of job creation and entrepreneurs are the crucial drivers.

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Identify persons with the entrepreneurial spirit to drive your startup business.