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Using Big Data to Better Appreciate Cultural Differences

Behavioral assessments and neurology have taught us all people are unique based on a combination of nature and nurture. Our gene pool sets the stage and life-long personal experiences establish our individuality. TTI SI research has identified a very similar outcome within nations due to their unique language and drawing from their shared cultural experiences. These differences cry out for their own expression.

As members of a global village and a global marketplace, we need not only to foster awareness of the unique diversity of culture, but also to engender understanding of those diversities. Greater understanding of unique world cultures and perspectives will lead to enhanced opportunities to collaborate and grow as individuals, as economies and as a world community. Whether in business or personal relationships, truly appreciating cultural diversity is a valuable pursuit. Today we have the rare opportunity to apply the latest research tools and technology to enhance our ability to assess and understand all cultures.

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Examine the behavioral assessments of 10 countries and their unique behavioral norms.